[ale_toggle title=”Does the Village allow open burning?” state=”closed”] The village allows open burning of organic items between noon and 6pm. A burn permit can be obtained through the Village Manager at 435-2085. There is no burning during leaf season – mid October thru the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”What is the Villages mileage?” state=”closed”] The General Fund is 10.5 mils, the water debt fund is 1.00 mils, the 1997 sewer debt is 1.85 mil, and the 2001 sewer debt is 2.00 mils. The total village milage rate is 15.35. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”How are my taxes figured?” state=”closed”] Taxes are figured by taking the taxable value of your house and multipling by the milage rate ie. The taxable value on your home is $25,000 the equation would be: 25000*.01535= 383.75. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”Does the village give out dump passes?” state=”closed”] No, the village sponsors “Big Trash Day” in the spring of each year. Residents may set out there junk and the village contracts with a trash removal company to haul it away. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”How many dogs may you have?” state=”closed”] Ordinance # 211 states “No person, partnership, or corporation shall own or possess more than three (3) dogs over the age of 6 months. This provision shall not apply to licensed kennels”. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”How about barking dogs?” state=”closed”] Ordinance # 211 states “No person shall own, harbor or keep any dog which by loud or frequent barking, yelping or howling shall become a nuisance in the neighborhood in which the dog is so kept. No person shall own, harbor or keep any dog which has a proven propensity or history of trespassing on other’s property, so as to become a nuisance in the neighborhood”. Note: Ordinance #211 known as “Animal Control Ordinance” is enforceable by civil infraction and any one who violates any provision of this Section shall be subject to the payment of a civil fine as set forth in Section 2-138 and in accordance with the fine schedule established by the Village Council”. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”When is Trick or Treat?” state=”closed”] Constantine has always had trick or treat on Halloween, October 31. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”Who do I call for Cemetery information?” state=”closed”] The Sextons are Randy and Erin Arnett of Arnett’s Landscaping phone (269) 435-8385. [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”What is the Library’s phone number?” state=”closed”] (269) 435-7957 [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”What is the post office phone number?” state=”closed”] (269) 435-5285 [/ale_toggle]

[ale_toggle title=”Can you reserve the pavilion at Riverview Park?” state=”closed”] Yes, there is a $50.00 refundable deposit. [/ale_toggle]